Shenulon Chemicals Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd./Evergreen Industrial Company Limited/Zhaoyuan Silica Gel Co.,Ltd.  is specialized in chemical materials. Located in Qingdao / Zhaoyuan city ,Shandong,province,China. Shenulon Chemicals / Evergreen Industrial / Zhaoyuan Silica has the advantage of convenient port transportation and abundant capital, with the business range of import, export, domestic trade and surrogate etc. Being a general import & export company, Shenulon Chemicals / Evergreen Industrial / Zhaoyuan Silica takes advantage of providing wide range of products to meet different demands from different markets and clients, home and abroad.Today, environmental protection is a major global issue, and to remain a responsible corporate citizen, we also make every effort in this field. We are currently supplying and exporting more than 10 varieties of products with reputable quality. We maintain stringent quality control programs and observe international codes and practices, and are thereby able to cater to our clients satisfactorily. Shenulon Chemicals / Evergreen Industrial / Zhaoyuan Silica main export lines are as follows:

The leading supplier - Silica Gel / Silica Sol in China.
In 2015, We invested Zhaoyuan Silica Gel Co.,Ltd. To Start produce Silica Gel in Zhaoyuan city ,Shandong province ,China.  Each year we can produce about 8000mt-10000mt Silica Gel . Silica Gel is made from sodium silicate and sulfuric acid . ,its appearance is pearl , lump powder . Our “SHENULON ’ brand silica gel is fit for magnetization and cracking catalyzer or carrier of catalyzer of the petrochemical,dehydration and decontamination of petrochemical,dehydration and purification of the refined industry,reverted application of hydrocarbon,dryness of industrial gas/air decontamination,dryness and decontamination of natural gas,abruption of chemical industry,carrier of essence or aroma,dampproof drier for packing,household air freshener and odorant removing agent and stuff for pet.

The leading supplier Sodium Silicate in China.
Our factory can supply 150000 ton each year, we have exported to Korea, Japan, Germany ,England ,Spain.Sodium silicate is made from soda ash and silica sand or sodium sulphate and silica sand ,its appearance has solid(3-5cm), liquid, powder.It is used in the industries of paper, soap , detergent, construction materials, delicate casting, anti-corrasion material, textile, and mineral floating select. And it is primary raw material of material of silicon rubber, silicon aluminum rubber, moisture absorbent, catalyst and its carrier, desalt agent of brine, hydrated silica and absorbent.

The leading supplier-Silica / White Carbon  in China. 
Each year we can supply  about 15000mt Silica / White Carbon , . Silica / White Carbon is made from sodium silicate and sulfuric acid . ,its appearance is powder, lump . it is used in special rubber, paint, printing ink, plastic masterbatch, pesticide, agricultural film, digital ink-jet printing, paper and printing industry .

The leading supplier-Ammonium Bicarbonate  in China
Our factory can supply 60000 ton each year, Its application is as leavening agent for manufacture of bread and biscuits; manufacture of ammonium salts and pharmaceuticals,etc.

Shenulon Chemicals / Evergreen Industrial / Zhaoyuan Silica is always holding 100% enthusiasm to serve the new and old friends, and glad to cooperate with friends from all over the world for a better future.




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